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Flips USA Gymnastics & KinderGYM
We invite your children of all ages to gymnastics


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         Dear Parents, 

We would like to take this time to welcome

you and your child to Flips Gymnastics and

to further acquaint you with our Kindergym

program. It is our belief that fitness should

be an integral part of every lifestyle-as 

important as eating or sleeping. 

In instituting a positive attitude towards 

physical activity, your responsibility as 

parents and ours as educators is to make 

your child’s early movement experiences 

positive, healthy and fun. 

Flips Kindergym takes youth sports one step beyond the norm. We started with the basic vehicle of gymnastics. We then specialized it and innovated it. We make it warm, friendly and fun. We put it in a colorful, positive, child-oriented environment with a special emphasis on safety. 

 We keep a constant creative machine in motion to stimulate an interest  in learning that will carry over into every area of your child’s life whether it be reading, walking, or competitive sports. It’s that”something extra” that no one else has.

 Enclosed you will find the cover to your child’s Kindergym Scrapbook. Additional scrapbook pages will be sent home periodically with your child. These pages were designed to coordinate with our curriculum and provide an additional means of communication. Also enclosed is an information packet. Please read through it thoroughly and if you have any additional questions feel free to call us. 

Thanks for placing your confidence in us. It is our hope that Flips Kindergym will be one of the most valuable experiences of your child’s preschool years. We look forward to serving your family for many years to come.

                           Happy  Learning to All!



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KinderGYM & Flips USA Gymnastics
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